Machine Revival - Art on wheels

Machine Revival - Art on wheels - TheArsenale

Machine Revival is a custom shop run by 4 passionate friends that share the same love for machinery. Their work is not limited simply rebuilding and restoring classics; they work to stimulate all 5 senses of humans. It is their objective to capture every essential emotion a human being can get out of driving.

Some of the most impressive products in their portofolio remain their classic Porsche 911 builds such as The Judge, Echoes and Fury. Each of the builds feature an intricate amount of detail, from an extensive restoration of the exterior to the small interior details that define the character of each build. Part of the Machine Revival DNA is their Machinery section, a completely dedicated space of the workshop dedicated to restoring and repairing your classic vehicles. Not only do they restore them to ultimate perfection; they also instill their own DNA into the small details all around the car.

Their extensive catalog on their website reveals a truly passionate work being poured out into each and every one of their products. Their classic Porsche 911 builds feature intricate details; The Judge has a wooden steering wheel and an orange tachometer; the Echoes build features a bright-blue colored dashboard with a thick, vintage steering wheel wrapped in leather. A benchmark of their interior detail are also the seats; sometimes covered in leather and sometimes covered in fabric. Nothing in the interior is left mistreated and this includes the gear knobs too.

If there is a way to express pure automotive passion, Machine Revival has truly found it. From their amazing builds to their other products such as the clothing, helmets and even aprons; it is quite easy to see the passion driving the creations ahead.