MALLE London Enfield Interceptor 650S

MALLE London Enfield Interceptor 650S - TheArsenale

For quite a while, MALLE London has been one of our best partners. Their UK workshop has been building quality garments and bags for years now, testing everything in real life conditions. Working with Royal Enfield, they managed to create two custom motorcycles that are suited for tough rally sessions.

Being the organizers of The Greate Malle Rally, they had the chance to put these machines to test where it matters. First, they stripped the exterior to the essentials. Then, a set of parts that were carefully thought out for this build were installed. Custom exhausts, British Customs Grabber foot pegs, Mule Tracker handlebars and more. Then, they decided to add their signature bags to the bike. A duffle bag and two side dry bags provide enough storage to keep all the items needed for an adventure of 1250 miles. On top of the tank, a pannier has been installed to store necessities that might favor quicker access. 

The two bikes come in a Red/Silver and Black/Silver color combination, complementing each other in the rough unpaved roads of the rally. A purposeful project that is infused with taste and high quality pieces, coming together to make adventures as enjoyable as possible.