Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike Lets You Pedal on Water

Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike Lets You Pedal on Water - TheArsenale

We're used to seeing hydrofoils on boats, speedboats and much more; but never before on a bike. Manta5 is the world's first hydrofoil bike, equipped with an electric motor for pedaling assistance. Created in 2010 as a concept, it was brought to life years after with the help of bicycle designer Roland Alonzo.

Created by New Zealander Guy Howard-Willis, the Manta5 uses a 400-watt motor to keep itself afloat. It is equipped with two carbon fiber propellers and buoyancy modules to keep it afloat when stationary. Built out of an aluminum frame, it weighs only 20kg and it can be disassembled for ease of transportation. Unlike other hydrofoil bikes, the Manta5 can be dismounted and mounted again in water. The bike can hold people from 70 to 100 kg and has a 1 hour usage on a full-charge, however the battery is removable so you can easily swap it with a backup one. 

As with land-going e-bikes, you can change the amount of assistance the electric motors provide depending on how hard you want to work. The top speed is from 15 to 20 km/h which should be more than enough for a floating water bike. A limited edition dubbed XE-1 debuted mid-November and went up for pre-order in New Zealand with an estimated delivery time of mid 2018.