McLaren Releases Fastest Car Yet, the Speedtail

McLaren Releases Fastest Car Yet, the Speedtail - TheArsenale

When it comes at building super fast cars, there is no better company as McLaren. They presenting a super gas-electric hybrid car named Speedtail. Just like their legendary F1, this one will have the central driving position and three seats.


The production of the car will start by the end of 2019 and according to McLaren there will be made only 106 units and all of them are already sold. This unstoppable beast can provide up to 1035 horsepower and of course just by the look of it u can see that the car is fast; really fast. The top speed of the car is 250mph and she can go from 0 to 186mph just in 12.8 seconds, a bullet on wheels. McLaren plans to unveil this beast at the Geneva Auto Show this year and the first guys who will see it are of course the 106 folks who already have been purchased one.

The price is around $2.24 million plus taxes. Simply a car like no other, it weighs only 1430 kg. Without any fear, we can say that this piece of art on wheels is the fastest McLaren ever built. We will be able to see the Speedtail around the streets by the end of 2019. Once again McLaren has proved that they are good at only one thing, building masterpieces.