Michael Young's OseaD1 is a Funky Electric Boat

Michael Young's OseaD1 is a Funky Electric Boat - TheArsenale

In the middle of the chaos, Michael Young decided to put his attention towards creating a much cleaner alternative for water transport following the new legislation implemented by The Government of HKSAR that demands the use of compliant fuel.

This led him to make a new electric boat which would be the perfect option for the island of Hong Kong and it looks completely different from anything else we've seen so far. The boat is called the OseaD1 and it features a smooth design and soft curves. Thanks to its electric propulsion system, the boat is incredibly quiet and efficient at lower speeds. It also removes the need for maintenance as well as other consumables such as motor oil, transmission oil etc. While the boat remains a concept for now, it definitely is something we would love to see on the waters. We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our friend Michael Young on the design of this incredible boat.