Michel Disdier - Frenchman brings ArtCars in NASCAR

Michel Disdier - Frenchman brings ArtCars in NASCAR - TheArsenale
Being the only Frenchman with a racing license for the oval tracks of USA, Michel Disdier is aiming to become a full-time racer in the NASCAR Championship of 2018.
In 2016, Michel became the first French driver to finish in the top 10 positions of the 2016 season. This time, he is back stronger than ever. Not only has he trained intensively for the races, he's also entering with one of the most special cars in the oval track. With a design by Richard Orlinski; the influential Parisian sculptor, the car looks as much of a piece of art as it is a beast ready to tear the street up. And that's exactly what it is, an ArtCar ready to fight in one of the world's most competitive tracks, simple at the first glance but a painstakingly intensive strategic battle of speed.
michel disdier nascar 10th position
Michel Disdier, as ambitious as ever declared "I have been waiting to get back on the track for two years. It has been my lifelong dream and main goal to race in Nascar as a European driver and I hope that the hard work of the entire team will pay off in March. The journey has been so exciting and I feel that it has only just begun. We are thrilled to have supportive friends and now partners like Wildmoka to share this wonderful adventure with us."
In a race like NASCAR dominated by experienced US drivers, it's not easy to make an entry and let alone finish in the top 10. With his character and determination, Michel managed to break the ice and bring a bit of French air into the petrol smelling oval tracks of USA. TheArsenale is also standing behind Michel in this adventure, supporting him in the upcoming races of the 2018 season. We're also bringing you an interesting update in the store too, so stay tuned.