Mil-Spec Auto Hummer H1 "Launch Edition"

Mil-Spec Auto Hummer H1 "Launch Edition" - TheArsenale

Mil-Spec Automotive decided to build the ultimate AM General Hummer H1. Despite the car being already mil-spec as hell out of the factory, they decided to re-envision the military giant to a luxurious off-road experience.


To get it all started, they changed the engine with an MSA tuned Duramax Turbo-Diesel that delivers all of its 500 horsepower and 1000 ft-lb's of torque through an Allison transmission. The engine can be further customized on request with stage 2 and stage 3 tuning options. It takes this iron giant just 6.8 seconds to hit 0-100 km/h and the speed is electronically limited to 154 km/h for obvious reasons. The engine is mounted on a revamped chassis that is re-manufactured in-house by Hummer H1 specialists, taking each piece apart and re-assembling it with new parts. Both the frame and components are then powder-coated to ensure longevity. 


If you've ever seen the interior of the original Hummer H1, you know that there's a lot of blank space. Being a military service vehicle by purpose, it really had no reason to offer anything on the interior except the pedals, gear and steering wheel. Mil-Spec Automotive wanted to change the interior experience, creating a minimal and functional interior that doesn't stray far from its original look. The new aluminum interior space is then covered in premium materials; most of which can be customized by you as you order it. Gone is the massive block of metal separating driver and passengers, the new interface features intelligent controls for easy interaction.


Each of these Launch Edition H1s receives a tri-level insulation system. This keeps road noise and ambient sound as low as possible. A Kevlar coating ensures maximum durability even against the harshest of elements. The car is built using premium parts, designed to work together as a system. There's also optional upgrades like long-travel suspension and 6-piston Wilwood brakes. The Launch Edition has received an exterior treatment that makes it the most aggressive looking one on the road. Fully customizable and purpose-driven, this H1 is the leanest, meanest machine you'll ever see on the road. 

If you're looking to get the meanest ride out there, chec out Mil-Spec Auto here and order your "Launch Edition" tailored to your tastes.