Moto Rocker - Starting them young

Moto Rocker - Starting them young - TheArsenale

Designed by Felix Monza, a German born industrial designer with a knack for technology and arts. The Moto Rocker is a fun little project of his that aims to design one of the oldest toys for children. Instead of an old-school horse rocker, the Moto Rocker gives kids a ride full of imagination. The power of the motorcycle is the kid's happiness which is guaranteed with a rocker like this. Hell, we'd be happy on top of it even though we're adults. 


Designed for kids aged 1 to 4, the Moto Rocker can support up to 50 kg and comes in multiple configurations. The rocker features all of the details of a real motorcycle, including a faux single cylinder 125cc engine. The seat is made out of genuine leather for ultimate comfort. It also has a front and rear light. All of the Moto Rockers are customized for each junior rider by placing their name on the front frame bracket. It also comes in three different motorcycle styles: Café Racer/Brat or Tracker depending on the spirit of your kid.


The Moto rocker can be purchased on Felix's website by clicking here