Munro Vehicles, the only volume production car company in Scotland, recently unveiled the upgraded version of its pre-production MK_1 all-electic off-roader. Renamed to the Series-M, the new model features important design changes, a new battery pack, and enhanced comfort-focused in-vehicle amenities. This updated UK-built vehicle includes a durable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery pack, which can accept up to 130 kilowatts of DC power, enabling a faster, 30-minute full charge. Although Munro has stayed tight-lipped about the exact battery capacity of the Series-M, its driving range on asphalt is estimated to be 200 miles.

The Series-M also boasts a significantly improved and modern design compared to the MK_1. It showcases a distinctive face with dual headlight assemblies on both sides, bringing considerable differentiation from its predecessor. The height of the nose has been reduced too, thereby improving forward visibility. An added feature to the utility spec truck is the "exoskeleton," which can be used to mount various types of equipment on, catering well to targeted sectors like construction, agriculture, rescue, defense, and outdoor maintenance.

Apart from its stunning exterior, the Series-M is also revamped internally. Amid deriving feedback from early customers, Munro has incorporated an adjustable steering column with steering wheel controls and upgraded the seat rake and height adjustment. Furthermore, the Series-M now is equipped with more sound-damping features, airbags, brakes with ABS, stability control, and traction control, which the MK_1 lacked. These incorporated updates not only ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience but also reflect Munro's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the e-vehicle market.