The Nissan Concept 20-23 marks a bold endeavor by the design team at NDE, pushing boundaries and embracing innovation without any constraints. This futuristic racing car reflects not only the 20-year legacy of NDE in the heart of London but also captures the essence of the current year. Inspired by Nissan's Pike cars, this concept brings a modern twist to the small-car tradition.

On the exterior, the Nissan Concept 20-23 boasts a striking design defined by extreme aerodynamic addenda both at the front and rear, coupled with deep skirts. Its distinctive front headlights, featuring a thin upper and lower semi-circle, add an air of sophistication. The muscularity of the car is further emphasized by extended wheel arches that elegantly shroud large wheels with low-profile tires. The rear spoiler, designed with utmost attention to detail, does not compromise rear visibility. To give the car a sense of width, a horizontal bar below the rear hatchback accentuates the full width of the vehicle. Finished in a sleek exterior grey paint with a textured finish, this concept car is a true head-turner.

Moving inside the Nissan Concept 20-23, the interior design is equally impressive. Entry is through two scissor doors, hinting at the car's futuristic nature. The bucket seats, trimmed in a near-white finish, provide tight support and elevate the sense of luxury. The long extended steering column, complete with a rectangular sports steering wheel, enhances the driving experience. A carbon-fiber mount supports the steering column, adding a touch of elegance. Metal beams hold the center console, creating a visual appeal that seamlessly blends form and function. Notably, the spine of the car is visible from the floor, showcasing the attention to detail given to every aspect of the design.