Nobe 100 - Retro flavored futuristic EV

Nobe 100  - Retro flavored futuristic EV - TheArsenale

Despite electric car manufacturers popping up all over the world, they all seem to be sharing the same futuristic design vibes. Nobe aims to change this with their brand new EV. Instead of opting for the usual crazy acceleration EV, they brought something different to the table.


Looking like a Reliant Robin had babies with Italian designed exotics, the Nobe 100 offers some timeless looks that look like they have been taken out of the 60s. The outside look gives us classic Fiat, Isetta, Facel-Vega and Messerchmitt vibes. We really can't blame them for stealing from some of history's best designed cars. The interior and the gauges seem to be taken from the legendary W113 Mercedes-Benz SL "Pagoda".


Under the classic body, a rather intricate modern motor and three-wheel drive system drive the car up to 60 mph. Wait, what? Three wheels?! That's right. The Nobe 100 is a three-wheeler but it's not a toy. Its battery pack offers a range of 136 miles per charge and its top speed is more than enough to get around. Founded by Estonian entrepreneur Roman Muljat, Nobe aims to hit the market by 2020 if it bmanages to successfully finish its crowdfunding campaign. The price range will be around $34,000 and it will hopefully be made available globally.