Palmer Johnson - present and future

Palmer Johnson - present and future - TheArsenale

In the luxury yacht industry Palmer Johnson is most likely the leader thanks to the innovative design and technology features. Muscular haunches, Predatory stance and Incredibly crisp and sleek profile lines are distinguishing traits of the prestigious firm.

One of the flagship products of the company is the Supersport 72m, a trimaran capable of carrying 14 persons from one side to the other of the Atlantic ocean at a 21 knots speed, which is actually pretty fast for such an heavy weight.

Three times more stable than a monohull, is the most power-efficient yacht around, with a maximum speed of thirty plus knots and up to 50% less fuel. PJ emerged as a pioneer in aluminium construction and now again in carbon fibre which means a lighter, corrosion-resistent yacht with cutted maintenance and life cycle costs.

But besides the current fancy models, rumors say the company is developing a whole new project. The Valkirye is what you get commissioning a cruise ship to the highest authority on luxury yacht building.

Designed by korean Chulhun Park, with its 230 meters of lenght, the Valkirye is intended as an exclusive moving, private island featuring every imaginable kind of entertainment facility including bars, restaurants, spa, casino, clubs, theater, and an exhbition hall.

Despite being still a concept, we really hope to see this breathtaking engineering masterpiece turning into reality soon.