Playboy Charger by Richard Philipps

Playboy Charger by Richard Philipps - TheArsenale

Back in 1947, at the peak of the automobile industry's development; Playboy established the Playboy Car Corporation in Buffalo, New York. The dream only lasted four years and put out 99 cars including one prototype, officially crashing into bankruptcy in 1951.

In collaboration with artist Richard Philipps, Neville Wakefield decided to create a unique car to commemorate the history of Playboy. The car of choice was the Dodge Charger of 1972 because at this year, Playboy sales peaked at over 7 million sales. The same year, Richard Petty switched from Plymouth to Dodge; running the same body type until 1977 in NASCAR, scoring an impressive number of consecutive wins. 

Being the only car that was ever commissioned by Playboy, the Charger carries huge importance as it maintains and will maintain the status of the only Playboy car with the unfortunate passing away of Mr. Hefner. It is built as a racing machine and was masterfully built by Long Island Shelby specialist HRE, as well as the sourcing of an Ernie Elliot NASCAR engine. Full specifications include a Dodge R5 engine block, custom pistons, Carillo connecting rods, custom camshaft and a long list of high-performance upgrades. At it's race specifications, it pumps out 900 bhp but it's detuned to 600 hp to adapt to regular pump fuel.

The car includes a Certificate of Authenticity from Playboy Enterprises, so whoever is the lucky owner will carry with himself a piece of history.