Porsche Confirms Taycan Cross Turismo for 2020

Porsche Confirms Taycan Cross Turismo for 2020 - TheArsenale

Stuttgart-based automotive legend Porsche has started its path towards electrifying its lineup and the debut of it all seems to be the all-electric Taycan. Reporting in the annual sustainability, the manufacturer aims to have half of its sales be electric by 2025. Following the Taycan will be an electrified version of the Macan and the German marque will also decide on electrifying the Boxster this annum. 


The Taycan Cross Turismo will inherit the Taycan's powertrain, having nearly 600 horsepower on tap. Thanks to the electric motors, there is no delay in torque delivery so 62 miles per hour will be achieved in 3.5 seconds give or take. The bulk of the body will shave off a tenth of a second in acceleration but will have a more lifestyle appropriate body. While it is clearly SUV inspired, the Cross Turismo is not aimed at the SUV market. As Detlev von Platen exclaimed "It's a more lifestyle-ish interpretation of the Taycan." When it comes to SUVs, Porsche will be offering the fully electric Macan in the following years. 


Porsche was rather surprised at the massive interest that the car garnered. Back in March they discovered over 20,000 potential clients were interested in the car before it even hit production so they had to double their debut annual production from 20,000 to 40,000 vehicles. They will be built in Zuffenhausen, home of the 911 and 718 models. The electrified model however will have a dedicated assembly line and painting facilities. It is so exciting having the chance to witness historically important automotive companies shift towards electric mobility.