Industrial Moto "Project Angel", Build for a Cause

Industrial Moto "Project Angel", Build for a Cause - TheArsenale

The Honda Grom is one of the best starter motorcycles out there and we often see experienced riders on them having the fun of their life. The small form factor allows for easy maneuvering and the bike simply looks adorable. This custom project by Industrial Moto is dubbed "Project Angel" because Chris wanted a bike to take his younger brother Nick on his rides. Nick suffers from Angelman Syndrome and Chris is taking care of him full-time so he wanted to share the incredible feeling of riding with his brother.

Tyler Haynes from Industrial Moto was the angel in this case, building the bike at cost including getting the bike to Chris. Thanks to a funding campaign, Chris' followers raised money to source parts for the build. The build was revolved around the sidecar, which was specially built to fit Nick safely and securely; despite that being a challenge. Tech, style and body mods are all applied to make the bike and the sidecar go perfectly together. In the end, this build brought happiness to Nick which was previously thought impossible. Chris now has the chance to include his brother in more of his adventures, letting him experience the things his nervous system disorder makes nearly impossible.