Rebirth of a classic, the 70th Anniversary Citroën H Van

Rebirth of a classic, the 70th Anniversary Citroën H Van - TheArsenale

This homologation was built by Fabrizio Caselani and David Obenofer as a tribute to the famous Citroën HY van that was introduced 70 years ago. The exterior design was penned by Flaminio Bertoni in 1947 and it remains one of the most sought-after classic vans in the automotive world. 

Citroën H Van 70th Anniversary comparison

While it remains fairly difficult and expensive to find a Citroën H Van for sale, this brand new rendition of the classic will take care of all the problems that come from a classic car. You won't even have to do an engine conversion as it is all brand new inside. The platform is based on the newest Citroën Jumper vans. All the technology and features of the new van are kept, ensuring a comfortable and reliable method of transport that looks like it has traveled in time. Instead of a rusty old HY Diesel/Benz 1947 diesel engine, the Type H uses a 1998 CC Diesel engine with an output of 110-160HP. This guarantees better power delivery and heavily improved MPG and reliability. Additional features include ESP, ABS, airbags, Emergency Brake Assist and Brake Electronic Breakdown. 

Citroën H Van 70th Anniversary front-view

In order to maintain the classic look and history of the H Van, the duo stripped down the chassis and decided to reinvent the van by using fiberglass paneling. The result is a gorgeous classic look, honoring Mr.Bertoni's timeless work from 1947. All the design has been focused on sparking the classic design language, with the classic twin-striped logo covering the front grille à la Citroën. The interior benefits from the donor van and it features A/C, sliding-door, electric windows, adjustable driver's seat and a passenger bench seat. This brand new Citroën H Van will run a limited run of only 70 units which will be sold in Italy. Caselani and Obenofer however have big plans for their renaissance product. The van will be offered in many different versions starting soon. The list includes; Panel Van, Minibus, Four-Wheel Drive, Campervan, Food Truck, Tow Truck and Camper. 

Citroën H Van 70th Anniversary food-truck

Such an extensive list of versions ensures that there will be a Citroën H Van for everyone, whether you are looking for your next adventure or you are running a catering service. This modern classic will turn-heads wherever it goes and it won't become a money-pit full of repair and maintenance costs. 

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Citroën H Van 70th Anniversary four-wheel-drive