Rebirth of a Legend - Lancia Delta Futurista

Rebirth of a Legend - Lancia Delta Futurista

"Make Lancia Great Again"; the motto behind Automobili Amos and his pursuit to revive the iconic Italian car manufacturer. In the last few years, Lancia has been making normal cars that get little to no attention; losing its Italian racing heritage. 

Based on the Delta S4, the Delta Futurista is a modern take on the rally-spec hatchback from Italy. While it doesn't share the same mid-engined layout, it has received multiple performance upgrades to boost up the power output. The original 80s Lancia Delta has been completely reworked; hood, trunk, rear spoiler and fascias are all made out of carbon fiber. Even the engine cover and transmission tunnel are made of the nice lightweight stuff, shaving off 90 kg. 

The Lancia Delta S4 uses a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 and Amos decided to further enhance it with a new exhaust, intake system and a bigger intercooler. Suspension was also reworked to lean towards oversteering rather than understeering. The car makes 330 horsepower at a curb weight of 1250 kg, resulting in a corner carving Italian hatchback with a screaming soul. 

Inside the car, nothing has been neglected either. New Recaro racing seats are covered in posh Alcantara that matches the steering wheel. Pedals are reworked in aluminum and gauges are redesigned and replaced in the cluster. Another fantastic detail are the buttons located in the steering wheel; the high beams named "LEVATI" which stands for GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY in Italian, finesse. A red button with a rocket icon stands just beside the steering wheel and it does exactly what you expect it to. 

The Amos Lancia Delta Futurista sits at €300,000 in a limited number of 20 copies to ever be made; one already commissioned by Singer Vehicle Design's founder. While some might find the tag exorbitant; it is hard to put a price on passion, feelings and emotions that this car gives you. 

Photography by Degler Studio

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