Renault is set to reinvigorate its historic and strategic connection to Paris's illustrious Champs-Élysées with the transformation of its flagship showroom, signaling a bold step into the future while nodding to a rich legacy that began in 1910. Dubbed "Le Défilé Renault – The Carwalk Renault™," this redesigned space promises to be more than a simple car showroom; it is envisioned as a multi-purpose living space, blending the allure of technology with the charm of its prestigious locale. Set against the backdrop of the automotive sector's revolution, Renault is celebrating its 125 years of expertise by offering an immersive experience in vehicular innovation. The site, historically a meeting ground for visitors at the Paris Motor Show, will now play host to a permanent exhibition of 18 vehicles. It will also feature an agora for conferences, rotating exhibitions, and live broadcasts, strengthening Renault's unique relationship with its patrons by showcasing the mobility of the future.

The reimagined flagship, Le Défilé Renault, encapsulates the essence of car as much more than a transport medium—it's an experience: a fusion of past, present, and future, a shared inspiring concept. The reinterpretation of the venue marks the fourth transformation in its history, reflecting a shift in focus from products to a broader brand ethos. The new name and concept underscore an ambition to foster exchange and insight right on the Champs-Élysées—a space where customers can engage with the brand's narrative. Renault's merger of a living showroom experience with commercial services includes options to finance, buy, or lease vehicles on-site, an after-sales service, and a merchandising store, epitomizing the shift towards experiential retail in the heart of Paris.

Adding a digital dimension to this physical renaissance is Renault's creation of a digital twin with Publicis Sapient. This virtual counterpart to the Champs-Élysées site, accessible globally at, showcases a 14-storey spiral with 85 models, allowing visitors to partake in an interactive journey through Renault's past and envision the future. Utilizing Pixel Streaming technology with the robust Unreal Engine, Renault crafts photoreal visuals for a globally accessible, ultra-realistic immersive experience. This blend of real and virtual underlines Renault's pioneering technological ethos, cementing its position as a leader in the digital services sphere, aligning perfectly with the brand's web3 strategy. As the flagship awaits its grand opening in 2025, the digital twin invites worldwide audiences to witness Renault's innovative spirit, a testament to the brand's enduring quest for evolution and excellence in the automotive arena.