The Italian Sea Group recently announced the launch of a new 44-meter catamaran named "This Is It" adding to the Tecnomar fleet. The motor catamaran is an impressive blend of traditional and innovative design, featuring approximately 750 GT, an aluminum superstructure, and a length of 43.5 meters coupled with a width of 14.5 meters. If striking glass windows spanning over 600 square meters are a display of its engineering mastery on the outside, it's the hull lines optimized for hydrodynamic efficiency, which significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions, that testify to its ecological responsibility.

The interior space is no less impressive, hosting six cabins, a massage room, and a show kitchen with polarized glass. It boasts a breathtaking owner's area featuring a skylight with a height of 3.3 meters, a panoramic terrace, and a unique vertical garden spanning two decks. Material accents of oak, teak, leather, and Alcantara interact with daring geometric designs, while the color scheme uses soft shades of beige and platinum grey to elicit a sense of dynamism and sportiness. Noble metals like gold, bronze, titanium, and carbon, along with natural wood and leather finishes, contribute towards a strikingly opulent ambiance.

The CEO of The Italian Sea Group, Giovanni Costantino, described "This Is It" as a revolution that challenges traditional aesthetics while embodying the perfect blend between avant-garde desires of a forward-thinking owner and the Italian Sea Group's capabilities to take on such ambitious projects. The yacht was built in compliance with IMO Tier III requirements and comes equipped with an innovative exhaust gas treatment technology (SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction) to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The world premiere of "This Is It," an exemplar of radical lifestyle and elegance will take place at the Monaco Yacht Show.

📷: The Italian Sea Group