The Super Sub is a state-of-the-art machine built by U-Boat Worx that offers an unparalleled underwater experience. Its defining characteristic is its superior hydrodynamic design which includes a long tail and advanced wing structure, making it the most efficient sub on the market. Capable of accommodating up to 3 occupants, the sub can submerge to a depth of up to 300 meters. The vessel's power is provided by four thrusters that deliver a total of 60 kW, which together with the steering rudders, allow it to execute 30-degree climbs and dives. This capacity results in a smooth and thrilling underwater adventure while offering a 360-degree view.

The emphasis on passenger comfort and visibility is made apparent through the Super Sub's design features. The fully transparent acrylic pressure hull is positioned at the front of the submersible to provide an unobstructed and immersive view, unhindered by equipment such as ballast tanks or batteries. Inside, the sub aims to provide a luxurious experience, complete with air-conditioning, adjustable airflow, a hi-fidelity Bluetooth sound system, and a cold-storage box for refreshments. Entry into the vessel is made easy and comfortable through a large top-hatch that opens into the submersible's interior.

Substantial thought has also gone into empowering the sub with advanced technologies and robust safety features. The Super Sub's battery technology gives it a 100% higher capacity compared to traditional private submarines, with a total capacity of 62 kWh. This increased power allows for extended mission time and fewer operational restrictions. The sub has a wireless two-way communication system for continuous contact with the surface. Single lifting point design aids in quick and safe launching and recovery of the vehicle. With safety in mind, the Super Sub is equipped with features such as Maximum Depth Protection (MDP), Deadman's Switch (DMS), Safety Buoy, and a state-of-the-art USBL system that provides accurate navigation. It has also been certified by the world-leading classification society, DNV. The submarine is not just a craft; it's a testament to innovative design and superior technology.