Revolve Reinvents the Wheel

Revolve Reinvents the Wheel - TheArsenale

One of the most important inventions of the human race is the wheel. It completely revolutionized the way humans lived, opening up the frontiers for the creation of tools, facilitating transportation and in close collaboration with fire; created the world we have today.


Illustration by Alexander Babich

Revolve took the wheel concept, a thousands year old invention and made it even better. You know you can not reinvent the wheel but you certainly can improve it in ways never done before; that's where Revolve shines. It is the first modular wheel designed by Andrea Mocellin. Large wheels make moving faster but that usually means that they are harder to transport when not in use. For everyday life, commuting and traveling, Revolve solves many issues.

The wheel collapses with the push of a single button, reducing the space it takes by 60%. That makes the wheel perfect for storing in small storage spaces and even fits in airplane overhead cabinets. It is suitable with the majority of bicycles and also fits wheelchairs. The Revolve uses airless tires which means that you won't have to worry about punctures and the ride comfort is amazing. 

The next level for Revolve is their foldable vehicle, a unique design that is able to transform from a bike to a common trolley or kick-push scooter. Hundreds of prototypes and 3D designs resulted in a reliable and safe wheel that is able to fold and unfold with just the press of a single button.