Rezvani Motors Beast Alpha X "Blackbird"

Rezvani Motors Beast Alpha X "Blackbird" - TheArsenale

Rezvani Motors, founded by Ferris Rezvani; has a certain thing for aircraft. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to be a pilot. He didn't become one so he decided to create road-going fighter jets. There is a common thing between all of Rezvani's vehicles and that is the aggressive designs and high quality materials that resemble a fighter jet. The Beast Alpha X "Blackbird" is the fastest car to come out of Rezvani Motors and it really looks the part.

Powered by 2.5L racing engine, the Beast Alpha X "Blackbird" puts out 700hp thanks to a race-spec turbocharger. Rezvani builds the engine from scrap using brand new Carillo racing forged pistons, cams, rods, valves, springs and an ECU from Cosworth. Thanks to its lightweight construction, 0-60 mph is possible in only 2.9 seconds. 

The body of the car is sculpted and designed to look as aggressive as possible, borrowing visible cues from the Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird. The carbon fiber body brings the total weight of the car to a featherweight 750kg. It has a targa top so you can remove the top part of the roof to feel the wind on your face. There is a race-inspired instrument cluster that provides the needed information in an instant.

Instead of traditional doors, Rezvani Motors put Sidewinder™ doors, allowing for more space when entering and exiting while also looking cool at the same time. In the front, a set of high intensity LED headlights is installed in a very aggressive shape. The dual exhaust in the back makes a screaming, thrilling note. Thanks to the small displacement, the Beast Alpha X "Blackbird" has a strong power delivery and easy maintenance. If you're looking for your next supercar, this one makes for a special ride that is unlike anything else on the road.