Ripsaw EV3-F1 - Beyond extreme

Ripsaw EV3-F1 - Beyond extreme - TheArsenale

The Ripsaw by Howe and Howe Technologies is one of the most extreme vehicles on earth and their latest EV3-F1 pushes these limits even further. The newly developed platform is so powerful that it can actually pull off wheelies.

The EV3-F1 is a single seater box of insanity, powered by a 1,500 HP Hellcat motor. Power is delivered to the ground via twin high speed tank tracks with 16 inches of suspension travel; yes, 16 inches. You get into the tank by opening up its fighter jet like cockpit which is suspended in the air. For obvious reasons, a 5-point racing harness is put in place to hold you down as the 3,315 kg vehicle jumps across terrain like a bike. 


To get one, you'll have to fork out half a million USD but it can get even more expensive from there depending on your configuration. You can order it by clicking here. Ripsaw series have always been a bit insane in the membrane but this one takes the cake.