Sarolea x The Mighty Machine N60 MM.01

Sarolea x The Mighty Machine N60 MM.01 - TheArsenale

When The Mighty Machines and Sarolea come together, we are bound to see something amazing come to light. This first collaboration brings to light a plethora of objects, the motorcycle being the one that steals the show.

The N60 MM.01 is a fully electric motorcycle that was styled by in-house designer Serge Rusak. Its design resembles a fallen guardian angel in the shape of Akira; here to save the day in trailblazing speeds. Developed on the base of Sarolea's Isle of Man TT racer, the bike is not only eye candy but is quite capable of munching asphalt at scary fast speeds. 

The power of the motorcycle is rated at 120kW which translates to 163 horses on steroids. Thanks to advanced battery technology, the bike can cover 330 kilometers. It has instant power delivery and will reach 100 km/h in 3 seconds. All these technicalities and more are controlled by WAIZU AI. 

This collaboration is not limited to a bike only though, it comes with an appropriate Hedon helmet, a bespoke suit that is padded with armor and a knife. This will cost you 69,000 EUR excluding taxes. What do you get out of it? A whole package that turns you into a Kingsman Secret Service Agent.