SAY Yes to Outstanding Fun with SAY Carbon Yachts

SAY Yes to Outstanding Fun with SAY Carbon Yachts - TheArsenale

SAY is a German powerboat manufacturer that was founded in 2006 by Sven Ackermann. The purpose of the company was to captive both enthusiasts and casual boating crowds. 

say29 carbon yacht green

The different lineup of the SAY Company shows a vivid pattern of colors, a bold move in the boating world of today. Moving away from the traditional white and blue color patterns usually found in naval vessels, SAY decided to create eye-catching speedboats with a functional design. Using the latest technology and materials, they have created a quality lineup with years of boat building heritage behind their work. All of their yachts are handmade masterpieces that are totally created and built in Germany. As the German building mentality dictates, each of the boats is crafted to the best quality, reliability and performance possible.

say29 carbon yacht green

One of their most impressive boats is the SAY29 Runabout Carbon, a cleanly designed speedboat made entirely out of carbon. Rumored to the SAY's most impressive model, the SAY29 is full of power and features. The 29 in the name represents not only the length of the boat, also the limited production run that the speedboat will see. Sharp lines define the front of the speedboat, creating a sharp cutting edge that improves stability in fussy waters. Measuring at 29 ft long, the lightweight carbon speedboat weighs only 1,380 kg. You can choose between a V8 6,2L Mercruiser 350hp, a V8 4.2L Mercury Diesel 370hp or a V8 6.2L Illmor 500 hp engine. One thing is for sure; the nimble lightweight body of the SAY29 will cut through waves at a top speed of 100 km/h. There are seating spaces for up to 6 people and the interior is of the best quality; made by Ullman Daytona, a world leader in suspension seating.

say29 carbon yacht orange interior

SAY Company is a truly ambitious company; entering the boating market with a bold color strategy in mind. In between whites and blues of all boats, the bright neon orange and neon green of the SAY29 are sure to stand out. If you're looking for a performance powerboat that offers a unique look and German quality; look no further than SAY.

say29 carbon yacht orange