Screaming Pigeon Motorized Bike by Dicer Bikes

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The Flying Pigeon is one of the most famous product to come out of China. This iconic bicycle that was created in 1950 is a part of nearly every far eastern household. Created by Brad Wilson and Dicer Bikes, this custom motorized bicycle will steal the show anywhere it goes with its classic racing look.

screaming pigeon motorized bicycle

Inspired by the first motorcycles ever, the board track racers that popularized America in 1910s, the "Screaming Pigeon" is a modern reincarnation of these motorcycles. Because the bike is based on a twin-bar frame bicycle, the fuel tank has been seamlessly integrated into the second frame tubes. The stock seat has been replaced with a Brooks seat and relocated to the far end of the bicycle, to give a low-laying riding position. To further emphasize the racing heritage of this build, Dicer Bikes used jackhammer grips with reverse levers. You don't see those in any kind of motorcycle today.

screaming pigeon motorized bicycle jackhammer grips

The "Screaming Pigeon" rides on 28" wheels, and is powered by a modest 50cc engine. Despite having a power of just 2 horsepower, the lightweight construction of the bike allows it to go at a top speed of 35 mph. That is faster than most city speed limits. To sustain the speed, the original rod-brake system has been replaced with a more powerful front disc brake. 

screaming pigeon motorized bicycle engine bay

These classic Chinese roadsters motorized by Dicer Bikes will come in a series, each of which will feature a slightly different look. However, they will all share the racing DNA of the world's first motorcycles.

screaming pigeon motorized bicycle brooks seat