SeaBubbles - Freshwater Taxi Flies on Water

SeaBubbles - Freshwater Taxi Flies on Water - TheArsenale

SeaBubbles is the French startup that introduced a revolutionary idea last year that many compared to Uber for water. The company just entered semi-production and will be participating in the VIVA Technology conference in Paris the upcoming month. After raising €10M from MAIF, SeaBubbles expects to hit full production and populate freshwaters and river canals everywhere in the world. 


Just last year they unveiled their vision for a futuristic water taxi that would operate autonomously around water bodies in urban environments. The water taxis are shaped like cars and use hydrofoils to literally hover above the water. Thanks to the technology of hydrofoils, drag is heavily reduced by lifting the hull off the water surface. This makes these water shuttles very efficient. 


Designed by Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal, a combination of sailor and windsurfer; the SeaBubbles has been extremely well thought but it faces multiple challenges. It's demo runs have to convince investors and city officials to allow them to be deployed in urban water bodies. While the concept of Uber on water seems easy, Uber had basically all the necessities already laid down. SeaBubbles has to create a water network of water-side chargers to boost up the water shuttles.