Segway Enters the Electric Motorcycle Scene with Apex

Segway Enters the Electric Motorcycle Scene with Apex

After releasing what could be considered a Tesla wheelchair, Segway is back into the electric mobility market with another concept that aims to strike another segment of the market. 


Segway is marketing it as a super-scooter which makes absolutely no sense to us, given that the silhouette is sharper than some of the fastest superbikes out there. It does not only posses superbike looks but also sports the digits to back up this claim, with a top speed of 200 km/h and a 0-100 time of only 2.9 seconds. The Apex remains a concept and Segway did not disclose further details on the range, drivetrain or battery. They certainly did prime customers for a zappy ride and have them waiting for more on their tippy toes. 

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