Series 3 Blacked-Out Defender by Cool & Vintage

Series 3 Blacked-Out Defender by Cool & Vintage - TheArsenale

The Portuguese masters of cool over at Cool & Vintage know a thing or two about legendary vehicles. Specialized in Defenders, their conversions take the iconic SUVs of all generations and turn them into great rides. 


First of all, they restored it back to its glory days; refinishing and brushing clean every piece of slightly rusted metal they could find. Then, they had to retrim the entire interior of the car with black vinyl. All of the chroming was removed to maintain the stealthy black matte look of it. The exterior received the same treatment a-la-noire, finished in a black matte color. 


Powered by a torquey 2.5 L 2250 Diesel, the SUV retains its offroading capabilities with the added style and flair. In case of rain, an equally blacked out vinyl roof is there to keep you dry. For all those looking to drive classic and look as badass as possible; you can't possibly find anything better than this Defender