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It's well known that the Porsche 911’s fanbase is one of the most solid in the whole automotive universe, even more if we are talking about air-cooled engines. It has nothing to deal with the price or the performance: It is about the charm and the prestige of driving an irreplaceable icon of style, luxury and motorsports tradition.

In California, former frontman of ‘’Catherine Wheel’’ and current member of the mentioned air-cooled fan club, Rob Dickinson, took a step ahead, in 2009, to become more than just an enthusiast. He decided to bring them back in the spotlight, restoring and customizing exclusively 964 models, built between 1989 and 1994, for very special customers.

Singer Vehicle Design -so called to pay tribute to the legendary Porsche engineer, Norbert Singer- after a considerable deposit (not less than $395.000), take over your aged 911 and, after approximately 4.000 hours of hard work, turn it back to you, with a whole new look.

If you can afford it, you’ll be able to customize literally every single square-inch of your lucky 964, both on the performance and the aesthetic side: after a careful dynamics and lightweighting study in partnership with Formula 1’s Williams Advanced Engineering and Norbert Singer himself, the company managed to develop a new engine, full carbon fiber body panels and many more expensive contraptions, including a track oriented suspensions system, an upgraded 993 steering and an endless list of braking options.

Interiors are no less refined as handwoven door panels, quilted leather trunk liners and every kind of precious detail pop out as far as your eye can see. Furthermore, it is possible to chose between 75 colors. Each one of them, even the more debatable, manage to look gentle and elegant thanks to the extremely carefully selected pastel shades.