Skoda Klement Bike Concept

Skoda Klement Bike Concept - TheArsenale

Debuting at Eurobike weekend, Skoda unveiled an e-bike concept called Klement that has us scratching our heads trying to figure out what it is exactly. 

It is shaped like a bipedal bike but it is missing its most essential element, its pedals. Instead, two footrests. If that didn't make it clear enough that it's an electric bike then I don't know what will. The bike has single suspension arms on both sides which gives it a futuristic look. However, there is no suspension system as the bumps are supposed to be diffused through the thick Super Moto-X tires. A hydraulic brake upfront is equipped with ABS for quick and controllable braking. 

The 4kW hub motor takes this 25 kg bike up to 45 km/h at a supposedly fast rate. With 1.25 kWh of energy storage, this bike should be able to move you around for around 62 kilometers. This futuristic design is expressed in every part of the bike, including the controls. At first glance, you wouldn't know how to control this bike but Skoda has managed to make it quite intuitive. Twist the handlebar forward and the bike accelerates. Twist it backwards and the regenerative braking starts to be applied. If you give it a hard twist back, the front disc brake with ABS will kick in and make sure you stop in a jiffy. 

The bike does look neat and although the controls sound a bit strange, you would probably get used to them quite quickly. However, this remains a concept and we are yet to see whether Skoda will release this to the general public and if it's going to inherit its shape and initial design cues.