The SP80, a groundbreaking vessel powered solely by wind energy, has been unveiled with a promise to shatter the world sailing speed record. Conceived from a dream, the boat was laboriously engineered to sail at an astounding speed of 80 knots (150kph). The developers are planning their first record-breaking attempts for the year 2024. This venture aims to display the colossal potential of renewable energies, essentially putting technological advancements that harness the power of nature at the forefront, breaking through the confines set by reliance on fossil fuels.

Incorporating youthful energy and seasoned experience, the team behind the SP80 was created through an encouraging partnership with EPFL. The goal extends beyond merely breaking the record. The team intends to transfer the innovative technology and techniques used in its development towards the betterment of maritime transport, competitive sailing, and hydroelectric power generation. Motivated with the intent of advancing research and nurturing future engineers, the SP80 project is dedicated to stimulate growth both in technological accomplishments and human capital.

The SP80 recently marked its notable launch on Lake Geneva where it transitioned from years of meticulous planning and construction to hit the water for the first time. This milestone was made even more significant with the partnership of BMW Switzerland as their financial sponsor and official car supplier, offering additional support in the form of two BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles. As we look forward to its maiden summer voyage in the south of France, we can't help but marvel at the extraordinary potential this wind-powered vessel holds, not just for the realm of sailing, but for broadening the horizons of renewable energy utilization.

📷: SP80