Superfly GTO 42 - Open Air, Open Seas, Open Throttle

Superfly GTO 42 - Open Air, Open Seas, Open Throttle - TheArsenale

Flying Flipper, Scandinavian boat builder in collaboration with Turkish design house Red Yacht Design have released an open-roof version of the incredible Superfly GT 42. Dubbed the Superfly GTO 42, this boat boasts a stylish design and open spaces to make your rides much more enjoyable and windy.


Drawing inspiration by supercars, Flying Flipper created the Superfly GTO 42 to be as close to an open top exotic. Its clean Scandinavian design is a true sight to behold. Elegant lines in the outskirts of the exterior sharply blend with the interior which is designed to be as minimal as possible while offering substantial space. The boat has plenty of space as it comes with a bedroom, saloon, dinner table, galley and a bathroom as well. This is all fitted in the forward cabin. Air grills are specially designed to resemble organic counterparts and feature special lighting systems inside. 


But what would the Superfly GTO 42 be if it didn't reach super fly speeds? Powered by either Volvo or Mercury gasoline engines, the yacht can go up to 50 naval knots. A diesel version is also available with twin 370 hp engines that goes up to 45 knots. Unfortunately there is no hybrid or electric version yet but plans for a hybrid are in the works. Set to launch in 2019, we expect the Superfly GTO 42 to be a main sight in Monaco, Miami and the Greek riviera.