Superyacht Land Tender - Opulence on Land

Superyacht Land Tender - Opulence on Land - TheArsenale

All superyachts have tenders, whether it is a classic boat or an agile RIB; they essentially need these smaller vessels to beach in seaside cities or for services. But what do superyacht owners do when they dock their massive boats? They usually board their Maybachs or their Rolls Royces but they're not the most unique vehicles out there.


To tend (pun intended) to this problem, Berlin-based designer Theodoros Fotiadis decided to create the most opulent vehicle to match massive yachts. Starting with a long wheelbase Range Rover, the design studio is generous enough to give it an extra axle, two more tires and a pickup bed. Dubbed the "T.Fotsiadis Superyacht Land Tender SLT", this 5.8 meter long vehicle will be unique to each owner. The ordering process is quite easy. Call the studio, they will find a donor LWB Range Rover and they will build one for you. To make it unique for you, you'll be able to tailor it down to deails and you'll also get your unique VIN. What are you waiting for?

superyacht-land-tender-range-rover-top superyacht-land-rover-range-rover-tender