SZ Bikes Equilibrium

SZ Bikes Equilibrium - TheArsenale

The Equilibrium is the newest creation of Italy-based SZ Bikes, focused on improving the quality of life and the environment alike. Everything is a pure Italian creation, being designed and engineered with the classic Italian design language.

One of the first goals of SZ Bikes for the Equilibrium was to give it a striking appearance; something you would remember with just one look. This gave way to the unique paint of the rims that give the bike flair and character. Painted bright orange, the rim coloration along with the neutral black and white of the bike creates a smooth transition of colors. The saddle took months of testing and research to perfect; dubbed "Spyder Saddle". Flexible plastic was molded to create a soft saddle that maintains its initial shape. The webbed design of the saddle creates a minimal look while being relatively lightweight.

Design is not the only strong point of the Equilibrium. The bike has been built with the best choice of materials possible. Aluminium is the used for the lightweight frame, rims, pedals, seat tube and handlebar. Not only is aluminium lightweight; it is also a rigid and strong material, making it the material of choice. The front fork is made of carbon fiber that substantially decreases the total weight of the bicycle, making it easier to carry around when needed.

Performance wise, nothing has been left behind. It features an automatic two speed shifting hub that detects the right gear ratio to use depending on the speed. A clutch mechanism automatically selects the gear and it is immediately changed when the rider requires the low/high ratios. Not only does this make uphills significantly easier, it also allows for higher speeds. To sustain the speed, a hydraulic front disk brake is mounted for a reliable braking system. Redundancy is always a good idea, so a coaster brake is mounted in the automatic gear hub that is activated when you pedal backwards. 

The Equilibrium's features do not end here, it is full of little quirks that show the passion put into this bicycle. Because it is such a great looking bike, you are going to want to keep it safe from theft. For this, SZ Bikes have mounted a 120 dB siren that is activated with a remote control, much like a car. The siren is then activated from a sensor that detects movement and gives a short warning ring. If it is still moving, it will continue ringing until switched off with the R/C. 

This huge number of features clearly shows that the Equilibrium bike is the perfect choice for any urban commuter. It is relatively light, has reliable quality and performance and it is secured from theft; making it the perfect daily rider.