"Tangerine Dream" Defender Series 3 by Cool & Vintage

"Tangerine Dream" Defender Series 3 by Cool & Vintage - TheArsenale

When Cool & Vintage gets their hands on a Land Rover, you know something good is bound to come out. This time, they found an abandoned and abused Series 3 that was in dire need for a revival. 


The original car was in horrible conditions, it really was a piece of relic rusted down to the bone. Missing the entire front and the roof smashed into the bed, the Defender seemed hopeless. But it's exactly these challenging builds that excite Cool & Vintage; so they took the challenge and created an orange stunner. The exterior has been perfectly reborn into a tangerine colored masterpiece, matched with a perfectly contrasting black soft-top. All of the interior has been upholstered in matching black leather. The once decaying front is now the house of a beefy V8 engine that will keep the beast running for years. 


As usual, Cool & Vintage delivers on a tangerine flavored Defender that once resembled an abandoned, decaying relic; turning it into a brightly colored beast ready to tackle any kind of terrain.