Tesla Cybertruck Camper Concept

Tesla Cybertruck Camper Concept - TheArsenale

After the Cybertruck was released, Tesla hinted at the development of a higher air suspension travel to allow for more offroading capabilities. Musk has been quite generous with the claims about the Cybertruck's capabilities, stating that it will be able to cross streams and even float briefly.

Tesla announced that it would have two add-ons that would allow you to go camping, one being a towable trailer and the other a tent that attaches to the bed of the truck. If you know us, you know we like things in one piece so Joeguy07 created a concept that quenched our thirst for Cybertruck camping. This rendering imagines the Cybertruck with an integrated camper in the back, coming in two variants. 

Tesla wants to make the Cybertruck offroad capable and a viable option for it, so it would not be a bad idea for them or other companies to build this camper add-on for it.