The Curtiss Hades is a Quirky Electric Motorcyce

The Curtiss Hades is a Quirky Electric Motorcyce - TheArsenale

Curtiss was quick to jump on the shift to electric engines when it came to motorcycles, giving them the upper hand in terms of research and design. 

The Hades is the fist motorcycle from Curtiss to be aimed at minimalist, at keeping everything at its barebones. To achieve this, features or options were not cut out. They were implemented with other bits and pieces of the motorcycle to offer a full-package in a seemingly underwhelming design. One of the most unique parts of the motorcycle is the horizontal battery pack laying beneath the seat, right below the suspension system. Inside the pack, a 399 volt 16.8 kWh battery provides massive power to the motor which results in a 217 HP motorcycle. It might look like a thinly motorcycle but the figures beg to differ.

Curtiss expects to launch the motorcycle in 2020 and we're curious to see whether it will deliver on its expectations. One thing is for sure, it will be quite the head turner.