The DeepFlight Dragon is The Drone of Ocean Beds

The DeepFlight Dragon is The Drone of Ocean Beds - TheArsenale

Unlike most bubbly submarines in the market, DeepFlight makes unique subs that more often end up looking like marine fighter jets. Their Dragon model is made as a perfect companion to superyachts and features technology that's unseen in other submersibles.


One of the key points of the Dragon is its freedom of movement. It's the first submarine in the DeepFlight lineup that can hover, allowing you to suspend over reefs and shipwrecks. This movement is smoothed out thanks to the DC thrusters which emulate drone movement. The cockpit is full of simplified controls which allow you to easily maneuver the submarine. DeepFlight however has installed their proprietary Dive Manager system for the first time in the Dragon. It manages all critical functions and allows you to set depth limits and more controls. The Dragon uses no variable ballast systems and has multiple emergency systems for the ultimate feeling of safety.


After all, the Dragon weighs only 1800 kg and is 5 meters long. That is relatively lightweight when compared to other subs in the market. It's a perfect companion for your yacht including a launch and recovery system which will be tailored for your vessel by DeepFlight themselves. It also runs entirely on electricity, making it perfect to dive around sea creatures or divers. All we need now is a yacht to carry it to the Marina Trench.