The Italian Vyrus Alyen is an Out-of-This-World Superbike

The Italian Vyrus Alyen is an Out-of-This-World Superbike - TheArsenale

Based in Rimini, Italy; Vyrus motorcycle has revealed its latest motorcycle; the Alyen. Just like its name suggests, the motorcycle features an otherworldly design backed by a powerful Ducati engine. 

The limited-edition Alyen is clad in sculpted bodywork with sharp curves and design cues that expose the engine for everyone to marvel. Built atop a double-beam magnesium chassis, the rest of the motorcycle is mostly made of carbon fiber. It uses a hub-center steering instead of conventional forks which keeps the steering and suspension separate. Despite the extravagant styling, thanks to the material and design choices made; the bike remains relatively lightweight. Powered by the Superquadro 1,285 V-Twin engine, there are 205 horses available to you that require immense stopping power, which is why it is left to be handled by Brembo GP4 units at both ends. 

Vyrus has announced the bike globally but the price and number of units made remain to be discovered. What we know is that the motorcycle will be one of the most eclectic rides to ever hit the streets.