Milan Red - the 1325BHP Austrian falcon

Milan Red - the 1325BHP Austrian falcon - TheArsenale

Strangely enough, hypercars are still around this days. And not only the usual suspects like Bugatti, Ferrari or McLaren but also Milan Automotive from Austria has a beast called Milan Red.

The incredible power amount of 1325BHP comes from a 6.2 liter V8 with four turbochargers, going from 0 to 100 in just 2.47 seconds. Thanks to the the only 1300 kilograms, the power-weight ratio of more than 1 hp/kg certainly helps launching the Milan at over 400 kilometers per hour.

Only 99 of the Milan Red will be produced, 18 of which have already been reserved. Milan Red has three driving modes named after the abilities of Austria’s rare and lethal bird of prey: instead of street, sport or race mode, in this car, you choose between ‘Glide’, ’Hunt’ and ‘Attack’.

Carbon fiber wishbones suspensions are a tech showpiece of the Milan. Other unique features include a heartbeat monitor inside the cockpit and a front bumper making the car looking like an angry hawk. To book one of these Austrian pureblood raptor, you'll need pay around €2,000,000.