The Outlierman - A gentleman driver's best friend

The Outlierman - A gentleman driver's best friend - TheArsenale

Being the world's best garage, we understand that driving is not just a mechanical process. There are feelings and interactions involved every time you crack the key to turn on the engine. The first hum, the clutch action, the first increase of RPM; it all creates a unique experience for the person behind the wheel. The Outlierman is an Italian company that offers driving accessories such as gloves, bags and many other stylish accessories, all sharing the same automotive heritage inspiration.

Being born out of neccessity; back when steering wheels were made of wood and grip was a vital necessity, driving gloves are a must for any serious driver. Not only do they offer increased grip and traction, they also allow for ventilation thanks to the ventilated texture of the premium leather used. The Outlierman has a huge spectrum of gloves and we chose the perfect models for our curated selection of mobility products. "The Bad One" and "The Heritage" both offer a streamlined and bold look with classic Italian finishing. All the gloves are handmade with the best nappa lambskin in Italy.

When traveling and escaping the noise of everyday life, luggage is a must. So The Outlierman has created possibly the most stylish and solid selection of luggage, coming in different sizes. Featured on The Arsenale is "The Stylish Globetrotter" Collection that includes a Weekender Garment Bag, a Travel Trolley Bag, a Travel Case and a Backpack. All of the items are made out of quality full-grain calfskin and feature a silk interior with automotive detailing. Not only will you carry your luggage in style, you will spark the interest of many other passionate drivers like you. 

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