The R-M Code - A Spectrum of Creativity, Design and Technology

The R-M Code - A Spectrum of Creativity, Design and Technology - TheArsenale

The RM Code is an annual program between TheArsenale and R-M Paint to celebrate creativity, design and technology. By curating the works of select designers around Europe, we are creating a platform for artists to push the boundaries of creative expression using the latest word in paint technology. 

All 12 designers have one deceptively easy task to do, create an innovative mobility concept using R-M paint. Each of the builders is unique and has been challenged with one mission; perfect their craft, challenge the rules of mobility and coat their concept in R-M Paint. 

Here is a short profile for each of the builders participating in the R-M Code:

  • Von Zadig - Von Zadig is a Belgian pilot, designer and artist. Zadig is a huge fan of old BMW airheads and Harley Davidson motorcycles. His works include cars, motorcycles and much more.
  • Vilner - Atanas Vilner from Bulgaria is a renowned car customizer that has been running his own Vilner Studio since 1996. His main focus is giving cars complete makeovers and transformations.
  • Kiska - Kiska is an Austrian Design Firm with expertise in motion. Their portfolio includes work in boats, motorcycle helmets, bikes and much more. Their motto is "Transforming dreams into reality starts with the right place, the right people and the right vibe."
  • Death Spray Custom - It would be hard to define what David Gwyther of DSC does, but it can be easily described as creating art with paint guns. His works include custom helmets, accessories, car hoods, motorcycles and even apparel. 
  • Garage Italia Customs - Leaded by Lapo Elkann himself, Garage Italia Customs is the place where dreams come true. Featuring an extensive portfolio of extravagant designs and paintjobs, you would expect the R-M Code to feel right at home. 
  • Caresto - Caresto,leaded by Leif Tufvesson; is a Swedish design house that specializes in car and body manufacturing. Their set of skills allows them to build a car from the blueprints to the finished product, thanks to good old craftsmanship. 
  • Lucky Cat Garage - A French speedhouse leaded by Seb Loretz, Lucky Cat Garage is well known for their blazing fast motorcycles and fascinating color schemes. With sprintracers being their specialty, their arsenal of fantastic motorcycles is enhanced with R-M Paint.