Trevor FTR Stella Electric Dirt Bike

Trevor FTR Stella Electric Dirt Bike - TheArsenale

Trevor Motorcycles is a labor of love between Philippe Stella and Jeroen-Vincent Nagels and the FTR Stella is their first creation. This electric flat tracker has one of the cleanest looks in the market but it has more than that going on; with a list of parts from names like Öhlins, Dunlop, Sarolea Performance, Beringer, Haan, and much more. The performance of the bike is breathtaking, with a 2.6 kWh li-ion battery provided by Sarolea Performance that feeds a 11 kW brushless DC motor. The FTR Stella will be able to go up to speeds of 80 km/h and a three-hour riding time.  The molybdenum trellis frame by Workhorse Speedshop is connected to the front Öhlins fork and rear monoshock suspension system. All components are neatly packed inside the frame for nimble riding experience. 

With its clean looks and impressive performance, the FTR Stella can be a perfect ride of choice for those riders looking to enjoy the city streets during the week and the trails during the weekend.