Truck Surf Hotel - King Sized Mobile Holidays

Truck Surf Hotel - King Sized Mobile Holidays - TheArsenale

Many of us dream about escaping our daily routines and lives aboard an RV and never turn our head back. However, there are many things that come with living in a mobile home. You won't have the same space, some amenities won't be the same and generally you'll be living in a much smaller, crowded space. But it doesn't always have to be like that. For those who like living on the go, The Truck Surf Hotel lets you live free without losing all the comfort of your home.


The six wheeled mobile home is built upon a Mercedes Actros that is able to transform thanks to hydraulic systems that expand the walls and ceilings to create roomy spaces. In the first floor, a living room equipped with couches and table for chilling or eating. A mounted projector allows you to watch movies, your favorite sporting events or just provide a dynamic background to your experience. The kitchen is fully equipped and allows you to cook home meals for quality nutrition, on the go. 


The second floor has 5 rooms, 4 double bed bunk rooms and a private double bed room for the master. All rooms have air conditioning and lockers to store your belongings. One of its best features is the rooftop lounge, where you can relax in front of a seaside view. The truck can be rented to explore Algarve, Alentejo and very soon Morocco. Check out the Truck Surf Hotel here and book your dream mobile holiday.