UMC-063 Zero XP

UMC-063 Zero XP - TheArsenale

Untitled Motorcycles decided to embark on an experiment when building atop a Zero SR/F motorcycle, one of the best electric motorcycles out there. 


Thanks to its electrical engine, the Zero XP didn't start with many exposed parts yet UMC handcrafted bodywork panels to house the batteries, motor and charger. Built right into the bodywork there are CNC machined controls and a bunch of intelligent lighting methods. This custom built is not a novelty build but it's a way to pave the future of motorcycle riding. 


In terms of performance, the Santa Fe start-up came a long way in these 10 years. Their 14.4 kW motor puts out 110 hp with 140 ft-lbs of torque, a significant number considering even the most powerful liter bikes can barely scratch over half of it. With a top speed of 200 km/h and range of 320 km, the bike is certainly bringing us closer to an electrified two wheeling world and thanks to UMC; a very unique, well-designed one.