Urwerk AMC - Atomic Accuracy Timekeeping

Urwerk AMC - Atomic Accuracy Timekeeping - TheArsenale

Urwerk Geneve has been noted for making incredible accurate pieces of timekeeping. Their latest work, called the "Atomic Master Clock" takes the very basic idea of a wristwatch and takes it to the next level; keeping it accurate with a master clock.


The master-slave concept was first experimented by Abraham Louis Breguet who connected a pocket watch with a high precision pendulum clock. Called the 'Sympathique' clock and watch, the pocket watch would be automatically wound and set to the correct time. Further evolving on this idea, the Urwerk AMC has created the same master-slave clock relationship but with greater accuracy. It's connected to an atomic clock for the ultimate timekeeping accuracy. This beautiful reinterpretation of a watchmaking stroke of genius is a technological, gimmicky marvel. 

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