Vanguard Motorcycles Releases High-Tech Carbon Helmets

Vanguard Motorcycles Releases High-Tech Carbon Helmets - TheArsenale

Vanguard Motorcycles announced a powerful entry into the motorcycle market in December 2012 when they unveiled their Roadster model at the International Motorcycle Show in New York. They have decided to expand their product range by using the same high-end craftsmanship to create a high tech riding helmet. Vanguard Helmets are a collaboration between Veldt and Fusar to develop a high-end helmet.

vanguard aluminum helmet on roadster

The Vanguard Helmets come in two different color tones, Carbon and Aluminum. Each of the helmets has DOT and ECE certification, depending on your riding location. Their shell is made out of carbon fiber, a perfect choice as it offers strength, flexibility and saves a lot of weight. The Vanguard helmets weigh just 1080 grams. Both the colors are painted with aluminum paint, and the Carbon version features a naked pattern of the material, with an aluminum paint detail for the perfect contrast. The Aluminum version has a grey paint overall and features naked carbon fiber on the bottom end of the helmet.

vanguard aluminum helmet

Not only are these helmets aesthetically pleasing, they offer optional tech features thanks to the collaboration with Fusar. You can get a Fusar Bluetooth Headset as an option, and even a handle bar remote control that allows you to control the Fusar App for communication on the go. The inner lining is made out of COOLMAX® and suede and thanks to the adjustable padding, you can get the perfect fit in no time. They come in six different sizes; XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. 

vanguard carbon motorcycle fusar bluetooth headset

Vanguard Motorcycle has clearly instilled the design language of the Roadster within the helmet with a clean, functional look.. With its carbon fiber construction and voice communication, it is the perfect helmet for riding alone or in groups alike. 

vanguard aluminum helmet set