Velomacchi x Yamaha XSR700 "Rural Racer"

Velomacchi x Yamaha XSR700 "Rural Racer" - TheArsenale

Velomacchi makes some of the best motorcycling gear available, particularly their storage solutions for active riders. Teaming up with Yamaha, they have created a custom XSR700 that seems to be as classic as it is modern.

velomacchi x yamaha rural racer side view

The XSR700 has been a favorite for customizers ever since it came out and Velomacchi's touch to it has been an amazing addition. Dubbed the Rural Racer, it's purpose is to be a high technology commuter for riders who also escape during the weekends. Thanks to its buttery smooth engine, the XSR700 provides a throaty throttle response with a punchy acceleration. Keeping in mind adventurous riders, Velomacchi added a ton of accessories and features to help you on the road. The new leather seat inspired by vintage Yamaha Enduro bikes boosts the storage so you can keep gear and papers underneath. 

velomacchi x yamaha rural racer top view

Being focused on adventurous riders, the bike received quite a few upgrades to make it more suitable for the job. A new Yoshimura R&D exhaust system with a new catalytic converter has been installed; a lighter and more powerful solution. Both front and rear shocks have been customized by Race Tech for offroading. One of the main centers of focus remains the technology of the bike. Sitting atop the fuel tank is a DJI drone mount that is gimbal-stabilized so you can take smooth shots while riding. You can also quickly deploy the drone in the air to create stunning footage. The bike is able to start via facial recognition from your phone which also sets up the GPS, speedometer and tachometer. 

velomacchi x yamaha rural racer drone

The purpose of the Rural Racer is to be a versatile platform for urban riders who go on weekend getaways. As classic as the café racer platform itself and as modern as it gets, the bike is the perfect ride of choice for anyone looking to escape the boredom of everyday life in the woods, backroads or hills. 

velomacchi x yamaha rural racer front view