Vintage Electric Scrambler S - Electric Delinquent

Vintage Electric Scrambler S - Electric Delinquent - TheArsenale

Vintage Electric makes some of the most stylish e-bikes in the market, especially their unique design that is inspired by vintage lines and resembles classic motorcycles. Their newest Scrambler S is built to roam free in backroads and B roads, not afraid to get dirty; in fact you need to get it dirty to appreciate it. Vintage Electric is coming to TheArsenale soon.


The majority of e-bikes struggle to make you look cool but not the Scrambler S. The e-bike comes in a black paint that gives it a badass look. Even the front light is covered in a black grille to protect it from flying rocks. The single seat uses double padding and is covered in genuine leather for the most comfortable ride possible, as well as an integrated LED stoplight for safety. It seems that Vintage Electric has ticked all the boxes for making a badass looking e-bike.


The 1123 watt-hour lithium battery is beautifully hidden a casing resembling a V-twin engine. It provides 120 kilometers of range on a single charge, one of the longest lasting ones in the e-bike market. The bike has 5 different gears for all your velocity needs; up to 57 km/h. They can be easily changed via the power display on the handlebars. More than enough speed to get through all sorts of terrain. To handle rough riding, the Scrambler S uses a motorcycle style inverted fork suspension optimized for dual sport. This makes switching from asphalt to gravel buttery smooth with ultimate performance on both terrains. Thanks to KevlarGuard woven Schwalbe Black Jack tires, you can ride on any terrain at peace as these tires are made out of bulletproof material and provide incredible traction. All of the power is sustained by regenerative hydraulic brakes which bring the e-bike to a halt in a jiffy.


If you're looking for a clean way to get dirty, the Scrambler S is the perfect ride. Its electric motor, timeless looks and incredible features make it the perfect daily rider to work and casual adventure buddy. 

Vintage Electric Bikes - Scrambler S from Vintage Electric on Vimeo.